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International NGOs

Help a Star works with NGO’s all over the world to give children better life opportunities.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1800 Goal:$2500

Environmental issues are important to Help a Star. We care about the well being of everyone.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1900 Goal:$1500
Education for childern

Education is very important. Help a Star educates by teaching and sharing knowledge.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1700 Goal:$2000
Health Charities

Health of all children is a precondition to get a better life. Help a Star facilitates health.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1600 Goal:$2200
Human Services

Help a Star cares provides human services with enthousastic volunteers.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1900 Goal:$2100
Homelessness & housing

Some children have nothing. Help a Star wants to give these children better chances in life.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1500 Goal:$2000
Child Protection

Children need our protection. Help a Star makes sure children are saver through education.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1400 Goal:$2700
Child Sponsorship

Help a Star sponsors children via the projects that are organized to educate them more.

  • 80% 80%
Raised:$1800 Goal:$2500