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Tariq and Xiomara Getrouw. The founders of Help a Star.

What do our Founders say?

Xiomara and Tariq Getrouw are a brother/sister team born in Suriname, which is a developing country. They have learned that education and sports are two opportunities that will make a difference in a life! “Now that we have grown older, we want to help influence and support children and young adolescents who are in need. This would allow us to give back the same opportunities we were given”.

The Help a Star Foundation wants to make a difference in the world. We believe that by focusing and directly communicating to the unfortunate children, we are making an impact in their lives.

Help The Children

Help a Star is on a mission to help children and give them better life opportunities. In this way we can contribute to a better world.

Prevent Drownings

Help a Star is educating children by teaching them survival techniques to avoid drowning when children fall in the water by accident.

Educate Children

The Help a Star Foundation believes that the life expectance and the quality of life of children can be improved by educating them.

Reduce World Poverty

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How You Can Help Us

Just visit the Help a Star Donation Page  to make a donation

Our Mission

Help a Star Volunteers in Suriname

The mission of the Help A Star Foundation is one of development and progress. We provide support, through an array of approaches, to the children of the world in difficult circumstances, to ensure that they can achieve their full potential. We believe that it is through these efforts they will grow to become successful individuals in their home countries.


  • Save the children 90% 90%
  • Teaching survival techniques 88% 88%
  • Children in need 82% 82%
  • Make a gift 70% 70%
  • Education 80% 80%
  • Make a donation 85% 85%

Get involved


By spreading a positive message and bringing this to the children, Help a Star contributes to a betterr world.


Teaching children how to survive in the water is useful to them and educates them.


Gaining more knowledge afer participation is a reward.